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Vettakkorumakan Temple, Nilambur | Temple Tourism Kerala
Vettakkorumakan Temple, Kerala

Vettakkorumakan Temple, Nilambur

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Malabar region is blessed with special geographical features, historically important places, monuments and so on. If you have an interest in Hindu mythology, rituals and ancient traditional construction you must come and visit Nilambur Vettakkorumakan Temple.

Before your visit to Vettakkorumakan Temple, you should have to understand who vettakkorumakan is. The exact meaning of Vettakkorumakan is ‘Son for Hunting’. Sanscript shows that, Vettakkorumakan was the son of Lord Shiva and Parvathi, when they transformed themselves to Kiratha (tribal community) as the part of presenting divine weapon ‘Pasupathasthra’ to Arjuna. Lord Shiva and Parvathi wandered in the forest, in between Parvathy gave birth to a prank boy. Then finally his activities disturbed Devas also, so Lord Mahavishnu appeared in front of the boy and presented a special ‘Churika’ to him with a demand, which was his responsibility to protect innocent people without any discrimination. People believed that he obeys the Lord and till now he takes care of people.  Devotees say that Vettakkorumakan worship people especially who belong to Malabar. So Malabar region consist number of Vettakkorumakan Temples.

In Kerala, several Veetakkorumakan Temples are there, but Nilambur Temple is so greater than others. Yearly some attractive functions are held in Nilambur Temple. Nilambur Vettakkorumakan Temple is functioning under Nilambur Kovilakom.

Vettakkorumakan Temple, Nilambur

Vettakkorumakan Temple, Nilambur

Best time to visit Vettakkorumakan Temple, Nilambur

The prime attraction goes to Nilambur Pattu Utsavam. Actually it is a six day celebration. If you decided to visit here in the month of January you can also participate in this special programme. In this religious function, tribal people sing devotional songs along with royal members. In between the song they break 12,008 coconuts.

Other main Vettakkorumakan Temples in Kerala

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Vettakkorumakan Temple, Padinjareppattu Mana
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Vettakkorumakan Temple, Kottakkal
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Where to stay in Nilambur

In Nilambur, tourists can select their staying option from these facilities;   hotels, resorts, Ayurvedic resorts, tourist homes and home stay.

How to reach Nilambur

Nearest Airport – Calicut International Airport (distance around 45 km)

Closest Railway Station Nilambur Railway Station (Distance around 4 km)

Frequent Bus services available from Calicut, Thrissur and other many other major towns of Kerala.