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Varahamurthy Kshetram Palakkadu Temple Tourism
Panniyur Sri Varahamoorthy Temple

Varahamurthy Kshetram Palakkad

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Varahamurthi Kshetram in Palakkad district is a famous temple among Hindu devotees, especially in between the believers of Lord Vishnu. Varaham is one of the avatars by Lord Vishnu. This temple is situated in a village called Panniyoor. This temple has some special features, it makes this temple differ from other temples.

Actually, this temple is an incomplete one. One story is there behind it remained as an incomplete one. In an ancient time we have an excellent carpenter, his name was Perumthachan. He was famous with his inimitable masteries. He started to construct this Temple in Panniyoor. His creativity and its beauty made jealousy in the mind of Indra. He afraid that, the beauty of this temple will overtake temples in heaven. So Indra tried to impede Perumthachan from his work. Finally, Indra succeeds in his job. So, till now this temple exists as an incomplete one. Even though, it is incomplete, herds of believers come and worship God Varahamurthi.

Moreover, another speciality is that, it is a one and only temple in the world represents Varahamoorthi along with Lekshmi Devi. Other Upadevas are also here. They are Sri Shiva, Ganapathi, Sri Ayyappa, Murukan, Sri Durga bhagabhathi, Chithraguptha and Yekshi.


Panniyur thura: It is a fish pond situated near to this temple. People believed that, it is constructed by Parasurama.

Main Poojas in Varahamurthi Kshetram

Abhishta sidhdhi pooja

Abhishta karyasidhdhi pooja

Sandhya deeparadhana: Devotees say that, it is the most beautiful time. The outer part and the sanctum Sanctorum are decorated with lights and the evening breeze carries the smell of carpooram, sandal wood And Agarbathi. All together makes this place as a heavenly feeling. It refreshes and relives stress and frustrations

Aiswarya pooja: The devotees believe that, this for the well being of them and their beloved relatives and friends.

Nearby attractions of Varahamurthi Kshetram


Valsalyam Tharwad

Arayamangalam sivaksheyhram

Palakkad Fort 


Fantasy Park




Parambikulam Wild Life sanctuary

Mangalam Dam



Silent Valley

Where to stay near Varahamurthi Kshetram

Staying facilities get in Palakkad town. Many hotels and resorts are located in this town.

How to access Varahamurthi Kshetram

Nearest railway station: Palakkad town railway station.

Nearest airport: Coimbatore international airport (distance 52 Km)

Bus services: Frequent bus services are there to Palakkad town from any towns in this state and also from Coimbatore. Both private and KSRTC buses are obtainable.

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